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Problem creating node cluster on aws private subnet

(Tuityrelease) #1

Expected behavior

Tried to create a new node cluster in a private subnet on aws.

Actual behavior

Timeline reports “Docker Cloud does not work with private subnets. Please do not use ‘subnet-xxxxxxx’ subnet to deploy your nodes or make it public.”

Additional Information

This is a web app with a public and private subnet like

(Tuityrelease) #2

Is there an SLA on getting a response from Docker staff.


(Tim Macfarlane) #3

Yes we’re seeing this too.

In theory nodes behind NAT or firewall can still operate with a ngrok secure tunnel, just as they do in BYON behind a firewall, so I don’t see how a private subnet is any different in this case.

I’m contacting support to see if or when this restriction might be lifted…

(Tim Macfarlane) #4

Here’s the response from support, looks positive:


Just heard back from the developers. It currently isn’t possible now but will be possible once the 1.12 engine has been pushed to the production stack in Docker Cloud. I don’t have an exact ETA but the team is actively working on getting this implemented.

Apologize for the inconvenience.


(Tuityrelease) #5

thanks for the update!

do you know if this was rolled out yet?

im finding the dockercloud experience to be hugely frustrating and limiting between not being able to use aws private subnets and the shockingly bad stackfile editor.

(Guoquanxing) #6

Have you resloved this issue and how?