Problem running NodeJs with image magick

I am having trouble running a nodejs app with image magick on a Docker container

I tested this deployment on several regular machines running linux, and it worked. But when it was deployed to a Docker container on Amazon EC2, it failed. It used to work on Docker/EC2 as well, but started failing after a refresh.

Iam new to Docker, and don’t really have a clue about this, or how to properly define the problem.

It looks like somehow nodejs is failing to pipe data do image magick’s stdin: The nodejs app spawns a process (convert “-” “-resize” “220x220” “-crop” “110x110+55+55” “-”) and writes to its stdin, but the process complains there is no input (stderr:convert.im6: Empty input file `-’ @ error/jpeg.c/JPEGErrorHandler/316.")

Any help is appreciated