Problem with multiple wrf-chem containers

I’m quite new to Docker but familiar with the WRF forecast model. Recently, I have been investigating WRF-chem, and since its installation can be quite complicated, I wanted to try an already prepared Docker container. I found different containers (such as thsummer/wrfchem), but none of them work. After running the container, it appears as ‘Exited’ in the container list, so there is no way I can use ‘docker execute’ with these containers. I have tried pulling a WRF-hydro container, and it works perfectly, so I assume my Docker installation is correct. Any help will be appreciated.

It is the image maintainers’ job to document the image and share how it can be run. If there is no command set in the image to run in the foreground, the container starts and stops.

I don’t know WRF, but you can check the image layers and see the command in the image is bash.

If you want a shell, ask for an interactive terminal:

docker run --rm -it thsummer/wrfchem

--rm removes the container when you exit.

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