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Providing a Stateless Internet access for network clients

Hello to all
In fact, we have more than 1,000 customers on a huge network, and some threats and incidents caused our organization to cut off Internet access for users to increase security. But for now, we want to provide Internet access to our customers through Docker and we are looking for a solution.
Because we want to prevent the transfer of any file to the users’ system while users are looking on the Internet and, for example, temporary containers have access to the Internet, it has reduced our options. So I want to know if anyone here has had such an experience?

I am afraid you will need to get way more specfic about your use case in order to receive usefull responses.
It almost sound like you are looking for some sort of VDI solution. A garage shop style setup could be archived with linux based images that provide xrdp or novnc. Though, I can’t see how an enterprise grade solution could be archived based on docker containers.

Just out of curriosity, may I ask why you think docker would be a good choice for your scenario?

Thus said, I think you might be better of with a solution like AWS Workspaces, which allows to create ephemeral VDI workstations.

Actually, I saw some examples which made a container contain a chrome browser and shared it for their clients.
please see this: dockerfiles/Dockerfile at master · jessfraz/dockerfiles · GitHub

On a Linux Desktop, this can indeed be used to run a browser in a container, but use the host’s x11 server to render the output. It requires the x11 unix daemon socket from the host to be mounted into the container.

However you look at it, all solutions that run desktop applications in containers are “garage shop” style solutions.