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Proxy issue in Swarm

(Satishwar) #1

I am working behind a company proxy and trying to experiment with docker swarm…I am able to join and manage a cluster but when it comes to starting a container…
docker -H run ubuntu date

it gives an html file in cli as error

the error is basically
Cannot Connect
The proxy could not connect to the destination in time. Please verify the site you are attempting to access and retry

any idea about how to get past this proxy issue?


I have the same issue with my swarm configuration.
Docker Swarm 0.2.0 container with Docker 1.5 on RedHat 7.
All command passed without any issue but not the run. I have the same error as Satishwar.
Could you help us, please?

(Stemau) #3

I’m also working behind a company proxy and got the same error wenn running a container.

have anyone a idea what could be wrong???