Public IP pools for input and output

D4A creates 2 public IPs in Azure, one for SSH-loadbalancer other one for non-SSH-loadbalancer.

I would like to be able to have a pool of public IPs (ideally for input & output, but output is more important).

Output IP pool is the mos interesting part to me, as I would like to force some of my services to use always same ip (so I can set properly FW rules in the other end) while other services can take a random IP from the pool (excluding the one(s) reserved for some service)

It is possible to do something similar with D4A?


You should be able to start with D4A template and make a couple of enhancements/customizations for your purpose:

  1. Instead of the single non SSH load balancer, create multiple ones based on your need.
  2. Call Azure APIs to configure the Public IPs as needed from the pool
  3. Stop the l4controller we ship and start your own l4controller to configure the rules on the LB based on the conditions you desire.