Pull image from VIC registry to VHC returned image tag not found: Not found: 404

Hi everybody,

I have a vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC) registry server 1.5.

I tag and push a image to VIC was done.

Now I pull the image from VIC to vSphere host containner (VHC), I get error:

docker -H x.x.x.57:2375 pull x.x.x.55/project/image:

//244cdcf110cd6e775260ba76eb8a55bf0dcdfa295c3c84b0e29ef67adad25d8c returned image tag not found: Not found: 404, URL: https://x.x.x.55/v2/project/image/blobs/sha256:0a251632e591b1155ca3df933b5745205af83d5ab2c45d65c74071b3b2c62942

x.x.x.57:2375 is the VHC

https://x.x.x.55 is the VIC

Can you help me to make this working?

Thank you,

Tag is

then I push again the image to VIC registry with tag

I run:

  • docker -H x.x.x.57:2375 pull x.x.x.55/dockertest/image:

  • docker -H x.x.x.57:2375 pull x.x.x.55/dockertest/image:

all return that error