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Pulling Anaconda 3 from Docker Hub

I would like to put an Anaconda 3 container on an isolated computer. It has no internet connnection. I addition I would like to add tensorflow and keras to the Anaconda 3 container, if it is not already on the Anaconda 3 when I pull it from Docker Hub.

I know that there are Anaconda 3 containers on Docker Hub. But they do not say what is on the Anaconda 3 container. It seems that all they say is it is an Anaconda 3 container. So I must assume that tensorflow and keras are not there and must be added to Anaconda in some way.

Again,the final destination of the Anaconda 3 is a computer that is not connected to the internet. So I am assuming before it gets there I must install tensorflow and keras on the Anaconda 3 in the container. How do I do that?

Finally, in order to make the final transfer can i burn the completed container to a CD and then transfer it to my isolated computer? That seems to be the only way that I can think of tp get the container on the isolated computer.

I have found no procedure or writing on this on Youtube. Is there anything about how to do this on the internet? A quick lok did not find anything.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.



For transferring images between machines without a network connection, you can visit an article from StackOverflow:

There’s also some documentation on saving, exporting, and loading images: and