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Purging LDAP user accounts from UCP

HI, Initially when we configured DDC (UCP+DTR), I have enabled ‘LDAP’ auth menthod . All the accounts were reflecting and which is huge.
Later we decide to create separate group for DDC users and admins.

To do so, Manually changed authentication method to “Managed” from 'LDAP"
Still i can see lot of userid lingering in users tab.

Is there a way to purge these existing users in UCP database?


Dear Sreekanth,

I face a similar issue … have you had any success ?


HI Shaun, I couldn’t figure out any fix. I’m planning reinstall UCP.

Dear Sreekanth,

I deleted all accounts by manipulating the URL thus being able to select more than 100 accounts at a time.

After that I created a group in AD and specified in UCP that it must add all members of that group access.

Planning on doing the same for Organization Team Members in DTR.


Oh Is it?. Nice to hear about that.

Could you direct me on deleting these junk users?

If possible please share the example…


In the URL :

… #/users?count=25&sorting[name]=asc

Changed it :


Deleted a 1000 at a time as many, many added.

Shaun, Where do i need to execute this?

Or do i need to call URL from browser?

Hello Shaun! please help

Shaun, Please help!!!

Full url … :


That enables you to select 1000 users at a time to delete … just do not delete required users.

not able to see selection button :frowning:

neither it is displaying the user list

this is what i have used…[name]=asc

Well it did work for me … was able to go up to 4000 but then was very slow … so maybe try lower values and grow from there.

Not sure how many you have to delete ?

haven’t deleted a single !! will see…

what was your UCP version?

Latest version … installed week or so ago … testing it out.

Okay… still im struggling to clean up this junk…

Thanks for sharing your experience…