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Pusing new images to DTR


(Sjeeva) #1

Hello All,

I newly installed DTR (eval version) and tried to push a new image to the repository.

  1. Added my DTR as insure registry to the /etc/default/docker
  2. Logged into DTR as below
    $ docker login -u -p -e
  3. Pushed the image as shown below
    $ docker push //
    The push refers to a repository [//]
    e5d3e17598d4: Preparing
    5f70bf18a086: Preparing
    6f32b23ac95d: Preparing
    14d918629d81: Preparing
    fd0e26195ab2: Preparing
    unauthorized: authentication required
    The docker push failed with “unauthorized: authentication required” error message.
  4. I logged into DTR thru web, when to repository option and create a new manually and then the image push worked.

Is there away we can make the DTR to auto create the repository rather that doing thru the web interface?


(Jeff Anderson) #2

Auto create is not a current feature in DTR, although it is a commonly requested feature and is scoped for a future release.