Qubes OS (looking for the image here0/..!

I only see one Qubes OS from an unverified person, has anyone tried it? I would like to experiment with this OS on docker pls, ty!

~ MwO

Would you like people to find out what image you mean exactly? :slight_smile: Just because you found one, doesn’t mean that is the only whan.

Also I’m not sure how Qubes OS would work in a container. Isn’t Qubes OS using isolation itself? I have never used it.

It looks like some sort of hypervisor:

How would running Qubes OS in a container even make sense?

Cubes OS runs every program in a separate “container/sandbox/vm,” so if something is malicious, the PC isn’t harmed, and you could just throw away the program without having to worry about an infection.

Now, why would you run it in a container in the first place? Because the OS is meant to provide a safer way to use a PC and run programs in a safe manner.

I would recommend using VirtualBox or VMware Workstation to see how it works and test things out.

So far the community response has been no, try another platform and the problem is you for not identifying the problem image. You ppl are incompetent self defeating noobs to me now, go away.

Stop insulting people and start poviding information. How would you expect answering your question when nobody knows what image you mean? I pointed it out in my first post which you chose to ignore.

Have I tried it? Which one?

Insults are not welcome here, so please, consider continuing a peaceful conversation. Thank you!.