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Question from the Docker team: How are you using the Compose UI?

(Vivek Saraswat) #1

Hey folks,

Question from the UCP team:

  • Have you used the Compose UI (Deploy Application from UI) within UCP?
  • If yes, how do you use it as part of your workflows?
  • If not, what is it missing that would make it useful?
  • For either answer, what use cases would you use it for?

(Sune Keller) #2

We have not uses the UI as our portfolio consists less of applications and more of individual services. This is more due to the nature of our current workloads on UCP than the UI. Also, we haven’t yet found any use cases where somebody would be using the Compose UI rather than our CI/CD pipeline to deploy a service. We have numerous times considered running docker-compose from our CD pipeline, but as of yet our services each consist of only a single image and thus it hasn’t been necessary to develop this functionality.

We’re eagerly anticipating UCP “1.2” and the UI for replicated services, which will fit excellently into our deployment model.

(Qadinc) #3
  1. Yes
  2. In POC mode at the moment
  3. Ability to save the compose file within the UCP system for later edits or use. It is cumbersome to edit a compose file outside of UCP and then paste or upload it to test the changes. Why not store them and allow edits or even cloning them to create
  4. Deploying apps with varying configurations across multiple cloud platforms