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Questions about Docker B4 I start using it

Hello, Web developer here. I have been contemplating moving my site that is hosted on HostGator to a local server. Cost is a key factor. My current site has 100 active users per day.
Question 1: I don’t want to pay for a windows server key but still stay within the legal boundaries. Don’t get me wrong… I will if I have to, If I run a docker image of IIS and MSSQL on a Linux server will I still need to pay for the Microsoft software?
Question 2: Reading some articles, I read somewhere that you don’t want to use the Docker MSSQL Image for production Deployment. Is this a concern I need to be worried about?

Regarding Question1: Afaik IIS is only available as Windows Image, and as such it will require a Windows Server along with a valid license for it. IIf you could replace IIS with Kestrel from dotnet.core, you could use linux based images, which as far as I know don’t require to purchase a license.

Regarding Question2: There is a linux based image for MS SQL-Server. It is a bloody resource hog compared to postgres or mysql. You will still need to have an existing license for the edition.

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