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Questions on Clustered Application Configuration with Docker


(Sedatkestepe) #1


I need some advice about clustered application configuration with Docker.

I have one Java web application. It writes its data to MySQL db. I want to run this application on existing hadoop cluster. To isolate hadoop from application, I made a plan including docker usage. My plan was,

  • Starting one docker container on four nodes of hadoop cluster.
  • Installing HAProxy on another node.
  • Connecting to one MySQL instance.

However, it has been long time that I haven’t worked with Docker and now I see a lot of features of Docker like Cloud, Swarm, Compose. I read their features but I am little bit confused.

Firstly, I read that it can increase - decrease the number of containers but I don’t want more than one Docker containers on one server.

I read something about load balancing but I couldn’t make sure if it is just the load balancing I need (distributing requests coming to one port) or load balancing of hardware resources in the cloud. So I am not sure if I still need HA Proxy or not. Can you help me to clarify this?

Thanks in advance.