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RDesktop container, how to explore host folder?

Hi guys I need help on RDesktop container, it work weel but seems to be an isolated space so how can I see and access files and folders of host system?

Windows Sandbox supports simple configuration files, which provide a minimal set of customization parameters for Sandbox. This feature can be used with Windows 10 build 18342 or later.

Windows Sandbox configuration files are formatted as XML and are associated with Sandbox via the .wsb file extension. To use a configuration file, double-click it to open it in the sandbox. You can also invoke it via the command line as shown here:

C:\Temp> MyConfigFile.wsb

A configuration file enables the user to control the following aspects of Windows Sandbox:

vGPU (virtualized GPU): Enable or disable the virtualized GPU. If vGPU is disabled, the sandbox will use Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform (WARP).
Networking: Enable or disable network access within the sandbox.
Mapped folders: Share folders from the host with read or write permissions. Note that exposing host directories may allow malicious software to affect the system or steal data.
Logon command: A command that’s executed when Windows Sandbox starts.
Audio input: Shares the host’s microphone input into the sandbox.
Video input: Shares the host’s webcam input into the sandbox.
Protected client: Places increased security settings on the RDP session to the sandbox.
Printer redirection: Shares printers from the host into the sandbox.
Clipboard redirection: Shares the host clipboard with the sandbox so that text and files can be pasted back and forth.
Memory in MB: The amount of memory, in megabytes, to assign to the sandbox.
Keywords, values, and limits

vGPU: Enables or disables GPU sharing.


Supported values:

Enable: Enables vGPU support in the sandbox.
Disable: Disables vGPU support in the sandbox. If this value is set, the sandbox will use software rendering, which may be slower than virtualized GPU.
Default This is the default value for vGPU support. Currently this means vGPU is disabled.

Enabling virtualized GPU can potentially increase the attack surface of the sandbox.

Networking: Enables or disables networking in the sandbox. You can disable network access to decrease the attack surface exposed by the sandbox.


Supported values:

Disable: Disables networking in the sandbox.
Default: This is the default value for networking support. This value enables networking by creating a virtual switch on the host and connects the sandbox to it via a virtual NIC.

Enabling networking can expose untrusted applications to the internal network.

Mapped folders: An array of folders, each representing a location on the host machine that will be shared into the sandbox at the specified path. At this time, relative paths are not supported. If no path is specified, the folder will be mapped to the container user’s desktop.

Hi @lewish95, sorry I have omitted I running docker in raspberry with raspbian, I have installed linuxserver/rdesktop xfce and on remote session root is folder where is placed config folder on host system for run container, so I can’t see outside folders or files from host