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Rdp into ubuntu container

Can I RDP into ubuntu container?
Can someone please tell me the steps?

Just out of curriosity: may I ask how you RDP into a non containerized (as in baremetal or vm) Ubuntu?

@meyay We install xrdp and can remote into it.

Steps can be found in the below url for non-containerized ubuntu :

Inside the ubuntu container also installed xrdp and followed the same steps in the above link. But I could not rpd into it.

I did not find any sources online that says how to rdp into ubuntu container.

This is what I am doing :

  1. I spin up a ubunut azure virtual machine.
  2. Inside that I am running a ubuntu container.
  3. Is there a way to rdp into that conatiner ?

I searched for xrdp on Dockerhub, which revealed following image:

Bare in mind that you’ll also need to expose the rdp ports to the host to make the service reachable !

docker run … -p 3389:3389 …