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"real" docker IP

sorry if this question raised before ,
i did the reaerch but could find clear answer ,
my Q:
how can i know what is the real IP i can access the docker through url(assuming docker has some web service)?

i know we assign host port to docker port ,
but not all the time the webservice is accessiable from this host:port but
it get new ip.

i guess it’s something with the dhcp - but it not clear for me how i can get this information ,
second Q - Is there a way to predefined this IP?

If I understand this question correctly and it is about the address of the Docker host: Go to the dhcp settings of your router and assign a static address to your machine.

Maybe the question is not clear,
The host ip is indeed static one i.e
When i create a docker which has some webui,
i.e Unify controller , when started it the webui seats on ,
The question what is the process which do the link between the docker internal IP
to WebUI IP? and can we control it ?
is there an option to define the IP of webui so i could access it in for example?


So, you start a container, that is the unify controller? and you want that to have a different ip?

Can you provide how you start this gui?