Receiving ROS topic based on docker ros network

I have tried to build ROS network under docker like ROS small network example.

One different thing is that another ROS node on Window needs to communicate ROS master of container.
“Window10(Host, - Docker(Hyper-V, - 3Containers(bridge network, {master, listener, talker})”

MATLAB is used to receive ROS messsages on Window. I can see ROS topic list on MATLAB - /chatter. But I cannot receive the data from container. My assumption is that exposing port caused this. Only 11311 port is exposed to master container. All container is work well to receive and send ROS messeage inside docker.

Is there way to expose multiple ports that is assigned by ROS?
Is there other way to communicate and access to host from container without port limitation using docker4window?

My version information is below.