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Redeploy existing volumes

(Jeronica) #1

Hi! I use docker as an immutable image to deploy my code to containers. One thing that I required to do is “redeploy without reusing volumes”. This is currently not an option when redeploying on the new cloud UI. This completely hinders my method of deployment, as any new code in that volume directory does not update with the image as the volume is kept.

I could fix this by not stating the volume in the Dockerfile, but I’d rather not since I expand on a base image that has it (which other images require). A default “keep/don’t keep volume” would be the solution.

I also ran into this issue on Tutum, where calls to the API would keep the volumes in their state (even when specifying to not keep old volumes) so my internal apps proved worthless.

(Brad Jones) #2

Agreed this is a limitation in the “new” UI. That little toggle switch has saved me when trying to re-deploy my CI runners… they seem a little sensitive to file ownership and the volumes need not be preserved across redeployments anyway. This is a helpful option.

(Taylor) #3

For this reason I have switched back to the old UI. This feature is, for me, crucial to my deployment workflow. I’m in a lot of trouble if they force us to use the new UI.

(Alonhypr) #4

I there a way to disable the volume reuse in autoredeploy? I need it for my CI flow and I only found the toggle button in the old UI of ‘Keep existing volumes’

(Kenny Lim) #5

Hi there,

I understand that the new UI does not exactly provide feature parity compared to the “classic UI”. I have filed an internal ticket to the Cloud engineering team for the “Reuse existing container volumes?” feature to be added to the new UI. Please bear with us for the time being while we continuously improve our services. In the meanwhile, if you wish to have the option of choosing whether to reuse existing container volumes or not, you are advised to use the Classic UI by clicking on the “Back to Classic UI” link on the top of the Docker Cloud page.

I agree that this is not an ideal workaround. Rest assured that we take community feedback seriously, and we are committed to provide the best user experience possible. I will be sure to update this thread again once the feature is rolled out in the new UI.

I apologize for the confusion and any inconvenience this might have caused.

Kenny Lim
Docker Technical Support Engineer