RedHat Enterprise Linux does it include Docker Technical Support

I’ve heard that with a RedHat Enterprise Linux subscription that Docker and Docker Swarm technical support is included.

Does anyone know more about this, or does it just mean that Docker Swarm is supported for use on RHEL ?

Because the docker upstream includes swarm as part of the code, we include it in our docker binary that is supported with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We support that Swarm starts and so forth, but generally it is not part of the feature support we offer with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and multi-node features are not supported at all. We recommend OpenShift/Kubernetes for multi-node orchestration.

Depending on what you’re trying to do with the docker runtime and client, your appetite for non-OS-vendor software, and the like, you may want to explore the possibilities around Docker Enterprise Edition for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is available on the Docker Store as certified content. Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) Basic is the engine and client software, and is supported by Docker Inc.

For more information on the offering, stop by Docker EE for RHEL

As of this writing, it includes all features of docker ee 17.03, which does include support for swarms and swarm orchestration, services, overlay networks, and service discovery, as well as many other features.