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Regression in UCP 0.5

(Meszarosl) #1


Sorry but I think it is a regression. Console doesn’t work at all which is one of my favourite feature.

When I click on a container after console. Error appears in dev console and “Uncaught ReferenceError: Terminal is not defined” and console on UI doesn’t appear at all.

(Aghendrikc) #2

Huh, can confirm something is going wrong with console - not sure where mentioned error appears, but the console is definitely not working after 0.5 upgrade.

(Meszarosl) #3

Hit F12 and dev console appears at the bottom of the browser and error message will appear

(Sebastiaan van Steenis) #4


The page acknowledges the “Run” command, it changes to “Disconnect” but no console will appear.

Google Chrome Version 47.0.2526.80 (64-bit) on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 (15B42)

(Banjot) #5

I can confirm this is a regression. It’s a UI bug so you can still use the CLI to exec into the container but we’ll have this fixed in the next beta drop. Sorry about the regression!

(Aghendrikc) #6

lol, duh! sorry had a Friday Afternoon moment there.

For the record, Firebug for some reason show nadda in console, but Chrome web tools show same error.