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Rejoin a Swarm?

(Evan Montgomery-Recht) #1

Ok, so had a node drop out of a ucp-swarm. Not sure what happened. The question I have is that the node appears to be working. (meaning the containers are running and responding.)

The only hint that something was going wrong was that I wasn’t able to run the Jenkins Build and Publish plugin earlier today. It was giving me a error about untrusted certificate authority when trying to push images to DTR on that node. The plugin would work only occasionally.

Any thoughts?

(Evan Montgomery-Recht) #2

Bit the bullet, since I had backup snapshots, and decided to try to figure it out. Good news is this seems to have worked.

docker stop {swarm}
docker stop {ucp-proxy}
docker rm {swarm}
docker rm {ucp-proxy}

Re-ran join command.

I now see all 4 nodes and with proper number of images.