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[RELEASED] Caching between builds

(Scottrobertson) #1


When using the automated build system, is there a way to cache the docker images between builds? dockercloud/builder seems to have this option, but i cannot see it anywhere in the interface.

Cached build steps not working, even on same node
(Parasut) #2

I have the same issue. any solution?

(Itskoko) #3

Any update on this? If we’re running build on using our on infrastructure is there any way to override configuration?

(Ryan Kennedy) #4

We are actively working on adding build caching to the Docker Cloud automated build service - stay tuned.

(Scottrobertson) #5

Any updates on this?

(Will Hilton) #6

Has the team has been “actively working on adding build caching to the Docker Cloud automated build service” for 5 months? More importantly, does anyone have a “quick fix” - I like autobuilding on git push, but I can do a dozen manual build in the time it takes Docker Cloud’s auto build service to. I just have

git pull; docker build -t my/image:latest .; docker push my/image:latest

In a pinch, I can set up a webhook to run that command in my node, I suppose. But I like having the UI in Docker Cloud with the build history.

(Ryan Kennedy) #7

With the latest Docker Cloud release, you can now enable build caching on individual build rules. This will help speed the testing and development cycle when building projects that have many dependencies which don’t change often.

(Scottrobertson) #8

Thanks @pkennedyr. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be working. Every build, it just builds the entire Docker image from scratch.

(Pablo Chico de Guzman Huerta) #9

@scottrobertson could you share the docker repo where this is happening?

(Lizter) #10

The build cache works for me. But I was kind of bummed to see it only works when using Docker Cloud’s infrastructure. I build around twice as fast on my own nodes. Is cache with BYON coming as well?

(Dlacewell) #11

Hello can you tell me the repository that you are running on your BYON nodes where the caching is not working?

(Lizter) #12

When using BYON, the switch to enable build caching is greyed out, and there is a tooltip saying that “Caching is not available when building on your own nodes.”.

(Ryan Kennedy) #13

@lizter Thanks for the feedback. As part of the initial release, build caching is currently only available when selecting “Build on Docker Cloud infrastructure”. We are exploring the option of making this feature available on BYON as well and will share an update as soon as more information is available.

(Christian Landgren) #14

Any updates on build cache for BYON nodes?

(Dsbudiac) #15

Really hope BYON supports caching sometime soon. Local, cached Docker build commands on our servers run crazy fast over Docker Cloud’s infrastructure (even with caching enabled)… anywhere from 4-20x faster.

(Ryan Kennedy) #16

UPDATE: Build caching is now available as an optional field when “Build on my own nodes” (BYON) is selected as the Build Location for an automated repo. To enable build caching on an individual build rule, turn the “Build Caching” toggle ON within the “Configure Automated Builds” settings view.

(Micahzoltu) #17

This feature doesn’t appear to be functioning as expected. I am using my own node and I enabled build caching. However, I just ran a build that failed on the last step (running tests) after fetching/building all of the docker images necessary to run the tests (docker-compose). When I clicked Retry, I am not seeing Docker use any caches. Instead, it re-builds everything from scratch. When I do this type of thing locally I usually see something along the lines of Using cache but in this case I don’t see any of that. It doesn’t even seem to be keeping around cached images downloaded from Docker Hub.

(Ryan Kennedy) #18

@micahzoltu Thanks for the feedback. The automated build system currently does not support caching from transient layers in a failed build. Once an image is successfully built and pushed (after all tests have passed), layers from a previous build can be retrieved and caching can be used. We’ll investigate options for supporting this use case in the future (e.g. an internal registry for transient layers that shouldn’t be pushed, but should still be used for caching).

(Whirmill) #20

I still can’t figure out how to make it work.
When i build from my local docker instance anything just works as expected but when the builds are processed on docker cloud none of them uses cached layers even if the build caching flag is enabled.
This happens when the build is processed either on mw own nodes or on the docker cloud ones.

(Mkubilus) #21

Caching is not working here. We are using the ‘Docker Cloud’s Infrastructure’, cache is enabled, but cache is never used. Even re-triggering a freshly completed build refuses to use cache, resulting in long build times.