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Relevant Ports to access Docker HUB

Which ports must be opened on a docker node / machine to pull images from docker hub?
What do I have to tell the administrator which ports are used to pull images?

This question has NOTHING to do with ports-mapping in docker-compose.yml etc.!
Searching the internet for “ports” “docker hub” returns a lot of issues on port mapping which is not my problem. I could not find the ports for docker hub in the documentation either.

thanks for your help!


Side information (nothing to do with the question)
the swarm manager works on the following ports to manage nodes (-> digitalocean

  • 22/tcp: for specific services to run on cluster
    2376/tcp: secure Docker client communication. To run Docker Machine.
    2377/tcp: communication between nodes (only open on manager nodes)
    7946/tcp: communication among nodes (discovery)
    7946/udp communication among nodes (discovery)
    4789/udp overlay network traffic (container ingress networking)