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Repair / Recreate default machine

(Stevegroom) #1

I have a Mac running latest OSX / latest Docker. The docker-machine named default was working OK but after trying to adjust the network settings I have broken it - at least one NIC is no longer usable (it stopped supporting IPV4 and DHCP). I tried to see if there was a quick way to use VBoxManage to reinitialise a network interface, but there are too many options for my current skill level.
I tried a different tack.

docker-machine create -d virtual-box tst
then in VirtualBox, I added a third NIC and set it to bridged mode
finally took that NIC’s MAC address and updated my DHCP reservation - all set up as I wanted, but my containers are still on docker-machine default.

Is there a command to revert a docker machine config to default values without losing the containers?


(Dvohra) #2

If the Docker machine has broken the containers running on the container are most likely not running to full configuration, Stop the containers, delete the docker machine and recreate a new Docker Machine.