Replace your local installation of Node, Go, KubeCTL, ... and run project-specific or global docker images defined in a configuration file

I wanted to share one of my personal projects which really helped me a lot in the last few months:

This allows you to define commands like this, within a .envcli.yml:

- name: npm
  description: Node.js is a JavaScript-based platform for server-side and networking applications.
  - npm
  - yarn

which will allow all of your developers to use the same npm version inside of a poject.

You can also use the same file globally (set the property global-configuration-path) with kubectl / heroku / helm / or any other tools, so that you won’t have to install anything on your host again.

It does work on Linux/Mac and with Docker for Windows & the legacy Docker Toolbox.

It also supports mounts to keep caching directories on the host (npm cache) for quicker installs and you can define the target directory.

It also has a few other cools features, but thats the core.

I would be happy over some feedback / ideas / contributions.