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Replication controller in Swarm?

(Jojojojo1234) #1

Hey. Is Swarm going to implement similar feature to K8s replication controller? Would be nice not to only have option to scale number of containers with docker-compose scale but also have watchdog checking number of running replicas and create one when another dies.

Any plan putting this into feature requests?


(Vivek Saraswat) #2

Hey, thanks for the input! This is something we may consider for the future.

(Yasmany Cubela Medina) #3

This does not suppose to be on swarm since swarm should care about only on how to handle a cluster of hosts running docker, this its more a thing of compose since compose its the one that orchestrate and define services. There is a issue/discussion about this on

(Jojojojo1234) #4

Yes, i know. i wanted to move this question to docker forum but could not for some obscure reason. Anyhow, thanks again