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Repositories still up after deactivating organization

I deactivated the trafficcontrol organization, but all of its repositories are still public and usable. Would you please either remove all of the trafficcontrol organization’s repositories or re-activate the organization so I can remove them?

Repositories (not links due to “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post”):

  • trafficcontrol/docs_builder
  • trafficcontrol/grove_builder
  • trafficcontrol/grovetccfg_builder
  • trafficcontrol/source_tarballer
  • trafficcontrol/traffic_monitor_builder
  • trafficcontrol/traffic_ops_builder
  • trafficcontrol/traffic_portal_builder
  • trafficcontrol/traffic_router_builder
  • trafficcontrol/traffic_stats_builder