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[RESOLVED] 400 error trying to create a node under an Organization

(Rbrichler) #1

I created an organization and added AWS keys in the organization’s settings. However, when trying to create a node cluster, nothing happens after selecting the AWS Region. Inspecting with developer tools, I see two API requests that are both returning “400 BAD REQUEST” errors.

The two request URLs are:

And the response for both is:
{“response”: null, “error”: “No AWS account linked”}

I do not have any AWS keys set up under my personal account. This response leads me to believe that the GUI is not properly making the API request using the organization’s credentials.

(Amegianeg) #2

Hi there!
The fix for that issue was released yesterday. Please let us know it works
Thank you for your feedback

(Rbrichler) #3

It’s working now! Thanks.

(Amegianeg) #4

Happy to hear that :slight_smile:
Thank you!