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[Resolved] Can we please have BitBucket support for automated builds

(Anentropic) #1

GitHub is great of course… but only BitBucket has unlimited free private repos.

And for most projects you’re going to want private repos to build your Docker Cloud images from.

So BitBucket would be more useful for many people than GitHub.

(Cfairweatherntrepid) #2

I’m sure there are a number of forum requests like this one, and I’m on board, with the addition that I’d like support for third party repositories with web hook support.

Major repositories are likely a priority, but locking a service down to one hosted repo is a bad bet. When I spoke to Tutum (before being acquired by Docker), they said there was no current plan to support other repositories. I hope Docker will seriously reconsider.

I recommend adding support for third party repos with web hook support; id est, the repo could ping a URL to trigger a fetch or pull of a branch in a private repository and do a build if necessary.

(Anentropic) #3

I agree, I was thinking it over this morning and came to the same
conclusion… if they don’t want the complication of officially supporting
multiple providers then they should publish the necessary webhook spec and
allow others to build 3rd party integrations.

Though I still think BitBucket is a better choice just because of the free
plan. Even outside the hobby market… many of the companies I work for use
bitbucket for that reason (plus integration with Jira etc).

(Fernando Mayo) #4

We will supporting BitBucket soon and will investigate supporting other sources (such as GitLab). Which service would you be using apart from GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab?

(Rion Dooley) #5

Code Commit comes to mind, but we work with a ton of folks who aren’t packing up codes that lend themselves well to a Docker build, so the ability to interact via an api and webhook spec is critical to supporting these very real and non-trivial use cases.

(Jjjk) #6

thanks @fermayo - great to hear bitbucket will be supported soon!!!

+1 for gitlab

(Geoff Bowers) #7

@fermayo any update on Bitbucket support? Is there anything we can do to help?

(Stefan Dimitrov) #8

Bitbucket support is badly needed.

(Geoff Bowers) #9

Just checking in to bump this thread – is Bitbucket support still a high priority or has it been bumped? Is there a revised ETA for bitbucket support in Docker Cloud build services?

(Branden Silva) #10

+1 gitlab. It’s the only thing stopping me from using the docker cloud since gitlab has integrated CI into their platform and being used by my organization.

(Ryan Kennedy) #11

We’re pleased to announce that you can now configure automated builds from Bitbucket source repositories. Just link your Bitbucket account to Docker Cloud and create an Automated Build from any of your Bitbucket repositories with a Dockerfile.

Check out the docs to learn more!

(Armagan Amcalar) #12

Any timeline for GitLab support? This would be perfect.