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(Ziontech) #1

All my endpoints have gone down, DNS resolution is failing, is there an issue with these right now?

(Truepillars) #2

We have exactly the same issue. Our site is down right now because of it!

(Truepillars) #3

How do we get support to look at this? We’re off the air at the moment.

(Ziontech) #4

Yeah we’ve got 20 websites offline right now. As a sidestep we’ve changed our DNS to point at the IP address of the machine/s themselves until the issue is resolved.

(Achauve) #5

Same here, had to switch DNS to AWS loadbalancer to point to instances directly.

(Truepillars) #6

We have Docker Cloud redis, so we may have issues with that. We’ll try to do as you suggest, though.

(Ziontech) #7

Rather annoyingly says the “Docker Cloud DNS service” is up :sob:
We had sites pointed at a CNAME so gotta wait for that to expire before our fix is in place and our sites come back (could be another 50 minutes).

(Truepillars) #8

Networking has been a Tutum weakness for some time. Not sure if we can remain with a service that has no real support like this…

(Harshadyeola92) #9

Same here. All my apps DNS which is pointed to domain is not working.

(Jason Fry) #10

Us too, all our sites are down because of it.

(Helder Correia) #11

My problem is connecting to services in other stacks (database).

(Djsnowsill) #12

Same problem here, we are unable to connect to our apps

(Ziontech) #13

Thankfully we had everything pointed to a CNAME which then pointed to our domain - It might be worth implementing this in your DNS setup to help mitigate against failures like this in the future. Heres hoping its back online soon :pray:

(Nick Breen) #14

Me too… just realised that my node is up and healthy, but docker DNS is down.

(Gravytrain) #15

This is affecting multiple accounts of mine :frowning:

(Bowlingx) #16

Same problem here, 3 nodes, and name resolution is failing randomly, sometimes the services are reachable but most of the time the connection times out. But is this a dockercloud Problem? What is depending on there infrastructure?

(Martin Higham) #17

Another victim here. This needs to be resolved asap. After that we’ll look at moving to a different provider

(Truepillars) #18

Looks like Docker’s DNSes are up but having severe problems. We’ve got around it for now by pointing to individual instances.

(Ziontech) #19

Not sure about the connection timing out, I doubt thats a DockerCloud problem but could be caused by services attempting to connect to each other outside of the Weave network?

[Resolved] Linked container regularly becomes unreachable
(Nick Breen) #20

Examples demonstrating that docker DNS is failing:


** server can't find SERVFAIL

When requesting the AWS public DNS entry for the same server:


Non-authoritative answer:

nslookup fails with SERVFAIL when the DNS server(s) don’t respond.