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[Resolved] Known DNS Issue in 1.11

(Dan) #1


I recently updated our nodes to 1.11, and since then we’ve had increasing DNS issues which I think are caused by this issue: DNS queries sometimes get stuck since upgrading to 1.11.0

There is a work around for this, but it’s not great as you can’t pass in DNS options via a stackfile.

I wanted to know when 1.12 will be available as the issue is fixed here and/or is the any way to downgrade a node or cluster to a previous version?


(Clevertech) #2

We are DNS issues too here. It basically prevent us to use Docker Cloud without clumsy workarounds.
What is the suggested way to solve this?

(Dan) #3

I’ve had to move our service directly to our instance provider for now, at least until 1.12 is available on Docker Cloud.

(Chris Jones) #4

I’m in the same boat. I’m really troubled by the lack of communication from Docker about this problem. I’ve been using this since the Tutum early days and had been really happy with Docker Cloud until the 1.11 update came along.

(Clevertech) #5

I’m trying to apply the patch described here: However, changing /etc/resolv.conf on my host does not change the /etc/resolv.conf inside the containers.

(Clevertech) #6

The patch linked above (use-vc or RES_OPTIONS) works on Ubuntu/Debian, but not on Alpine, as musl does not support it. And I find very upsetting that Docker Cloud staff does not provide a clear answer on this point.

This is essentialy breaking 100% of Docker Cloud deployments…

(Ryan Kennedy) #7

Thanks for the feedback. As of this morning, the latest Docker Cloud release is now available with support for Docker Engine 1.11.2-cs5, which introduces service discovery and DNS improvements, along with more reliable networking between containers.

For more information on this release and how to upgrade nodes to Docker Engine 1.11.2-cs5, please check out: Docker Cloud Release Notes (09/27/2016)

(Clevertech) #8

@pkennedyr according to the problem is fixed in 1.12. Can you confirm that it is fixed on 1.11.2-cs5? Can you provide documentation about it?

(Ryan Kennedy) #9

@clevertech, The above issue appears to be fixed by, which is included in the 1.11.2-cs4 release

(Clevertech) #10

I ugpraded the cluster, it seems solved.

(Ryan Kennedy) #11