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[RESOLVED] Still having a lot of DNS issues, especially after updating nodes to 1.11

(Iteamnetworkdc) #1

We have been seeing a lot of DNS lookup latency from our micro-services. In New Relic traces, we are seeing a lot of “dns.lookup” entries that can take between 50-300ms. Some even have gone as high as 1000ms.

To add to that, we are seeing a lot of host lookups failing for external services to our redis cluster and our Stats provider, located at As soon as I deployed a test node to an old Docker 1.9 node, it worked fine.

We are about to have a huge announcement and expect a lot of traffic. These DNS issues have us concerned. I am already looking at other alternatives to Docker Cloud.

I could add the to /etc/hosts manually for now, but I do not see an easy way to use something like --add-host in Docker Cloud.

Docker Cloud Release Notes (09/27/2016)
(Rizqme) #2

We also still have DNS issues. Same symptoms. Please resolve this asap.

(Ryan Kennedy) #3

The latest Docker Cloud release is now available with support for Docker Engine 1.11.2-cs5 and fixes for DNS lookup latency. For more information on this release and how to upgrade nodes to Docker Engine 1.11.2-cs5, check out: Docker Cloud Release Notes (09/27/2016)