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Resource Consumption Monitoring - feature request (?)

(Aghendrikc) #1

As I understand it at the moment, the resource graphs on the dashboard is basically reporting on reserved resources, correct?

While this is definitely useful, I find myself wishing for a view on consumed resources - meaning, how much storage is being used by my containers, how much CPU is currently being consumed, how much RAM etc.
Not sure if this is feasible/possible to implement in a distributed host environment, but I would definitely appreciate something like that (even if it is not 100% “real time” and perhaps more a aggregate snapshot view of averages?)

(Banjot) #2

@aghendrikc Correct on your read of the dashboard as counting reservations and not cluster usage.

We are investigating how we can show resource usage stats as well. Thanks for the suggestion, we will investigate this for our backlog.

Are you considering UCP your primary dashboard as an ops console? Or would you rather push this information to other monitoring consoles?

(Aghendrikc) #3

Hi @banjot!

At this point I’m thinking that UCP would probably be the primary console.
Just to get some idea if (for example) the cluster will be able to handle a “scale this thing to 100 instances” without adding more nodes.
Or if the cluster is approaching an “under strain” situation.

However, this is a good question, and now that I think about it, I can image that some integration options to other monitoring systems would be mighty useful in future (for automated reporting and alerting).