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Resources on the dashboard

(Snoopy86) #1


why are the resources on the main dashboard always at 0%? CPU and memory, it looks like the ucp can’t read the values.

(Alm. Brand Docker admins) #2

AFAICT, only reserved resources are shown in the dashboard, e.g. using the -m flag to docker run to allocate a certain amount of memory for the container.

But when compared to the dashboard of Docker Trusted Registry, it is indeed confusing, since there the values displayed are actualy resource consumption values.

(Snoopy86) #3

Oh ok, tnx for clarifying this. Are there any plans to include the total resource consumption on the host and maybe per each container? So you can see it all together on one dashboard and not have to go to each container to check the stats.

(Vivek Saraswat) #4

Yes, UCP currently displays reserved resources. We are definitely looking into providing resource consumption values in the not-too-distant future.

(Dockerpilot14) #5

In our UCP Dashboard there are lot of Issues, sometimes it shows containers zero, nodes zero, and when I refresh it shows proper data, and sometimes It shows only old containers, not showing the newly deployed one.