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Retiring the Classic UI

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Docker Cloud users,

Thank you for using Docker Cloud! We wanted to let you know that we’re planning to retire the Docker Cloud Classic UI on December 1st, 2016.

Why are we retiring the Classic UI?

Earlier this year, we introduced the new Docker Cloud UI as part of a larger effort by Docker to create a consistent look and consistent controls across all of our products. We’ve also been working hard to further improve the new UI and incorporate your feedback since its launch in March. The Classic UI uses a completely separate source codebase from the new UI. Because of this, it lacks many of the great features we’ve introduced in Docker Cloud in the last six months. Retiring the Classic UI allows us to focus all of our efforts in one place.

If you’re still using the Classic UI, we want to remind you about the features that you’ll get when you transition to the New UI:

  • Docker Security Scanning
  • Organization Support (including Teams and Team-based permissions)
  • Bitbucket support
  • Dynamic matching of git branches and tags
  • Streaming logs
  • Color/contrast improvements to reduce eye-strain and improve legibility
  • Enhanced Repository management

We also have a number of improvements coming up! Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re working on:

  • Build caching
  • Build context
  • Build activity graph
  • Search in every object list view (stacks, services, containers, node clusters, nodes)
  • Moving action buttons out of the ellipses menu in list views
  • Improved page loader feedback
  • Improved breadcrumbs
  • Improved service scale interaction
  • Performance improvements
  • And many more!

We remain committed to providing the best tools to help developers build, ship, and run Dockerized applications with Docker Cloud. We’re continually improving the new Docker Cloud UI, and are busy researching and incorporating improvements based on feedback we’ve received from you, our users.

Interested in leaving us feedback on Docker Cloud’s design? Let us know what you think on the forums or participate in our User Research Panel by filling out this survey.

- Docker Cloud Team

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