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Return to Classic UI

(Geoff Bowers) #1

Have spent the morning trying to use the “New UI” for day to day operations. I try this every month before returning to the Classic UI. This is not about aesthetics or arguing the nuance of one UX approach over another; the “New UI” is dysfunctional.

I was in the process of putting together some annotated screenshots but the list of issues is too long and too obvious. If I had a vote I’d be returning to the Classic UI and iterating from there; the “New UI” as implemented is significantly less functional and a detriment to the platform.

  • Return to Classic UI
  • Stay with New UI

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If you can’t back out of the New UI (politics, engineering cost, pride, whatever…) can someone give us some assurances that the rectification of these ongoing UX issues is being given the highest priority now that Organisation support is finally out of the way?

The “New UI” needs to be groomed into some semblance of functionality. If there was at least a commitment to a series of small, regular and continuous improvements many of us would be highly motivated to provide specific UX feedback every iteration.

  • Don’t care, love the “New UI”
  • Would be happy to provide feedback from time to time
  • Will provide detailed UX feedback whenever needed

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(Ryan Kennedy) #2

@modius: Addressing the collective feedback shared by the community around the new UI is a top priority. The team is actively implementing fixes for many of these issues and you can expect to see a series of regular, continuous improvements over the course of 2016.

A few of the high priority items that will be addressed:

  • Adding object names to subheadings
  • More accessible and discoverable buttons (Stack List View, Service List View, Container List View, etc.)
  • Prompts prior to completing destructive actions
  • Filters for Service List View, Container List View, Stack List View, Node List View, etc.
  • Performance improvements
  • Better user feedback
  • Streamlined automated build creation flow
  • And many, many more …

As mentioned in this recent post, we remain committed to providing the best tools to help developers build, ship, and run Dockerized applications with Docker Cloud.

The team is working diligently to create the best possible Docker experience for you and the community and, as always, we welcome and appreciate hearing your feedback.

(Geoff Bowers) #3

That’s great to hear.

I’d strongly recommend the gradual and iterative release of UI changes rather than a major UI “fix”. Constant, small and incremental changes gives some transparency and makes us regulars feel like the system is being constantly loved and that feedback is being acted on. Hoarding changes for periodic and black-boxed “releases” just adds to the frustration.

Should I be posting up feedback on specific areas of the UI i find most frustrating? Or is there a major update imminent that will render that feedback moot? Having long release cycles and no sense of what’s going on makes feedback feel futile.

Will soldier :ant: on with Classic UI in the interim.

(Ryan Kennedy) #4

Improving the release cadence with a focus on delivering smaller, more frequent updates is very much a high priority for the team. Many of the updates mentioned above will be released (incrementally) in this manner.

Regarding specific feedback areas, the team actively reads and reviews all issues on the Forum, so any previously published issues relating to the new UI are being tracked. However, if there are specific verticals which you are interested in bringing attention to (e.g. Stacks, Services, Containers, etc.), please feel free to create a topic in the appropriate category and we will make sure to focus the conversation around issues in this area.

Thanks again for your feedback and support.