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RScript is not dockerized!

Hello Team,

Am new to this community - required a great help from you guys!

I had a project which is Rscript - And the requirment is i need to dockerize the R script which will execute the output excel file in Blob storage.

Am trying to do that but not getting failure everytime when am building the image and testing it by deploying into container instance.

Any help would be greaful.

Please, always share the error messages. Ask yourself, why you realized it was a failure and share that information. Not just here, everywhere on the internet if you expect some help. Otherwise the only thing we can tell you is that “if something went wrong, then something has to be done”.

If you share those messages by copy-pasting them from a terminal, it is a good practice to use the </> button above the text area to make it a codeblock. In case of a simple text using the quotation mark button to quote the message would be enough.

Sharing codes and copy-pasted messages also helps us to understand what you really want to do even if you could not describe your issue properly.

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