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Run command inside a container after volume change

i have created a docker-compose.yml file and inside that i map my local development into the container by volumes property. now i want to run a cmd inside a container after volume change with docker compose automatically?
i want to clear application cache inside the container.

Package: acl
Version: 20160519-1
Depends: libc, libacl
Source: feeds/packages/utils/acl
License: LGPL-2.1 GPL-2.0
LicenseFiles: doc/COPYING doc/COPYING.LGPL
Section: utils
Maintainer: Maxim Storchak
Architecture: brcm2708
Installed-Size: 17856
Filename: acl_20160519-1_brcm2708.ipk
Size: 18555
MD5Sum: dc76489476ccf24c25db4887589105f4
SHA256sum: 5e8ee4649699197be0c7503663eb136366883e904ad0307d11662bffd36ee30f
Description: Access control list support
This package provides ACL manipulation utilities

  • chacl
  • getfacl
  • setfacl