Run pear class File_MARC within docker


I’d like to move one of my PHP-projects to docker.
For this project I need pear class File_MARC.

For this I would usualy do

pear install File_MARC

Is there any Apache-PHP-image that alreay includes File_MARC?
Or is there any way to set up File_MARC within the docker-compose.yml?

Thanks, Xavier

I worked in a library for almost 8 years as a PHP developer until 3 years ago and never heard of this PHP package since we didn’t need it. I don’t think too many people use it besides programmers in libraries. So the chance is small that you can find a public Docker image containing File_MARC. I would say that you can try it, but I am sure you have already tried :).

Docker Compose is to run containers and not to install packages. You can create your own Dockerfile and build it with Docker Compose

I didn’t really use PEAR much so I don’t know the best way to install it or if it is still recommended to use it (official php images contain pear 1), but I found it on packagist. If you use composer for your dependencies, I recommend you to use this version. If you don’t use composer, well… then I recommend you to use it :slight_smile:

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