Running Application binaries from Another Container

I have a container, which has an app installed, and I want to run that application from another container and would like the best solution for how to handle this task.

One thought I had was to do a mount from the container that has the application I want to run, but the way the mount works is the opposite of what I want. It takes what is in the Host, and overrides the data on the container with it. I want what is in the container (installed from the image build) to be shared to the Host (or potentially another container).

The specific use case this is for, is being able to run wsadmin commands, which is the powerful configuration tool which WebSphere has to do all configurations GUI free. I want to run numerous commands from a Bamboo build plan, which will allow me to configure a WebSphere server and even deploy a application to it.

Is there a simple way to get the data mapped I need to Bamboo? Or is my best bet to build a custom WebSphere container with the Bamboo Agent in it.