Running image in ubuntu

I pushed the image of my .net core app from windows docker desktop to docker hub,then pulled it in ubuntu.
now I want to run the image in order to get a port to test my application,but it has the error of not finding data layer.csproj .
failed to solve: failed to compute cache key: failed to calculate checksum…
I have 3 layers in my .net core app. 1.core layer 2. data layer 3. web layer. in the web layer I have Docker file and in the data layer I have my sql tables.
the structure of my folders are like this: project folder, inside project folder: core layer folder, data layer folder,web layer folder. I run my commands in the path of web folder from ubuntu CLI.
please help

Have you checked that the image is containing layer.csproj and it is exactly where it should be?

Since I don’t know much about .NET core, I am not sure I understood the question. The error message says it failed to calculate checksum. Is this error message thrown by your application?

I think I wrote the blurred part too quickly. So it is Docker what gives you the error message, right?

What is your Docker version on the Ubuntu host and Windows?

Docker version on the Ubuntu host is 20.10.14 and on windows is 20.10.12 .

yes it is Docker that gives me the error message.
also the layer.csproj is in the same path as other layers 's .csproj file of my project.

Is this the whole error message? I am affraid we can’t help without more information. For example more error messages or seeing the Dockerfile. “failed to compute cache key” is something I know, but that checksum part is what I don’t remember and I could not reproduce it on my machine.