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Running Linux Container on Docker Desktop Entreprise


We used docker-ee with atomic-rhel to package our application. Now we want to run it on Windows Server, however LCOW is not recommended in production which is not for us. I read briefly on Docker Desktop Entreprise and im wondering if this software is usable for production?

To give a little bit of context on how we are already using docker-ee, it is packaged together as an installer in our software. When user installs, docker-ee will be installed and then load our application images, after that the rest is just inbuilt command line to run our software with docker. Since it is developed in unix, we are looking to see if we can reuse this in Windows with the same expectation that it can runs on production.

I’m thinking to replace the docker-ee.rpm installer with dockerDesktopEntreprise.msi instead and start the groundwork preparing the admin-setting to setup LinuxVM on Windows and next is just running our software similar how it was ran in RHEL

Reponse will be much appreciated.