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Search function over public images not working at all

(J3st3r666) #1[organization]/service/wizard/image/publicimages seems to be broken.
I mean:

Where you look for an image to configure a new service:

Not sure where to start? Try searching for dockercloud/hello-world

Someone noticed this issue?

(Mechame) #2

I’m having the same problem, search is not working.

(J3st3r666) #3

Well, this was only the beginning.
After that ALL stopped working on our byod node.
We asked for support, no reply.
Service and containers stopped to be reachable.
We lost the whole data and infrastructure.
We had to spend more than 10 days to migrate our funcionalities. Of course, now we have an on premise orchestrator.
I will never use docker cloud again. NEVER.

(Mechame) #4

Wow, I better reconsider outsourcing orchestration…

(Anupheaus) #5

Wow, can’t believe this is still broken, does anyone from Docker Cloud actually read these forums? Is it a tracked bug yet? Has anyone found a workaround to this yet please?

(J3st3r666) #6

Yes, there is a workaround. Migrate to Kubernetes, either onpremise or on