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Sensor Readings in PDF file using docker cloud


(Brandy57) #1

I am able to read the data from temp and humidity sensor, I wanted to improve the representation of data by making dashboards and also wanted to save the data in different clouds which create the PDF file ( by defining model for data representation) but I am beginner to use docker, So your Leads on simple information which help to learn my queries quickly will be very helpful.

(David Maze) #2

I would suggest avoiding Docker, especially given the problems you describe:

You’ll solve these problems in exactly the same way with or without Docker, and in fact my suggestion in general would be to write and test the code without Docker and look at Docker only as a final packaging step.

Docker’s containerization actively hides the details of the hardware environment from you, and this task will be much harder in Docker than not.

Read Docker’s official tutorial on building and running custom images. This is the core of what Docker does. If it’s not relevant to the problem you’re solving, it’s fine to ignore it and, say, write a normal Python analysis and reporting package that runs on the host with the sensor.

(Brandy57) #3

I will not go much deep but I am expecting manageable solution for data of sensors will be helpful for me and can we integrate Docker with other IOT based cloud platforms ?