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Service dashboard - UI Suggestion

(Andrew McLagan) #1

Within the service dashboard it would be very useful to have a stack column.

Often the case where multiple stacks will have services with the same name.

If columns were orderable + having a stack column it would be easier to reconcile which service belong to which stack.

(Will Stern) #2

The ability to add tags to services and filter by tags would be another cool way to do this.
Services in stacks could get automatically receive a stack-<stackname> tag?

(Jérémy CROMBEZ) #3

It really is problematic when you want to link a “standalone” service to a service part of a stack, when this last service have the same name than some other services in other stacks, then you have to guess wich one it is (in the dropdown). Really annoying.

For example, i have a lot of stacks with “web” and “db” service. The stack name should be added in big, everywhere the service name is displayed.