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Service failed to build while installing Panoptes

I am new to Docker and am using it to install Panoptes, the client for Zooniverse projects, and have been following the directions in Panoptes’s documentation here: GitHub - zooniverse/panoptes: Zooniverse API to support user defined volunteer research projects

I have installed both Docker and Docker Compose and checked that they are installed properly, but when I try to run sudo docker-compose build I get the error that “Service ‘panoptes’ failed to build : Build failed”

I’m using Compose v 1.29.2 and Ubuntu 21.10.

I have not made any changes to any of the files cloned from the Panoptes directory, any idea why the build is failing?

There should be more error messages like here: Docker compose libjemalloc1 · Issue #3197 · zooniverse/panoptes · GitHub

Please, share more details if you feel you have a different problem, because the fact that the build failed is clear :slight_smile: but that is not enough to help.

I got it to work by adding in DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 to the command, I thought I had tried that before but I guess not