Set owner and permissions for cloudstor volumes

Is it possible to set the uid, gid and mode for cloudstor volumes at volume creation time? I made a compose file to run the public jenkins image which uses uid 1000 but it fails to start because it can’t write to the root owned volume that cloudstor creates.

I’m able to work around this by manually creating the volume, running a container to set the permissions, then running jenkins, but I’m trying to make the setup simple and repeatable by using a compose file and deploying as a stack.

I noticed that cloudstor for azure has volume options to set these, and the documentation specifically mentions the jenkins use case, but the options don’t seem to work for AWS.

Any ideas? Maybe I’m overlooking something? Thanks!

jenkins compose file
version: '3.4'

    image: jenkins/jenkins:lts
      - home:/var/jenkins_home

    name: '{{.Service.Name}}-{{.Task.Slot}}'
    driver: cloudstor:aws
      backing: relocatable
      size: 25
      ebstype: gp2

I do have the same problem. I’m trying to run an elasticsearch cluster using on AWS using ECS and cloudstor:aws as volume plugin. The volume is created and mounted as per configuration but the permissions are set that only the root user can access to those files.

@ptaylor did you solve your problem?