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Settings on automatic builds not saving

I created a new automated build off my repository, and the build does kick off whenever I commit to master. However the settings aren’t quite right. I accidentally used:
Dockerfile location: public/docker/Dockerfile
Build Context: /
And really I want:
Dockerfile location: Dockerfile
Build Context: public/docker

I’ve gone in several times and edited the settings on the automatic build, and clicked Save. The spinner appears briefly and the settings appear to be saved, but the build still fails. When I go back in to look at the settings again, none of the changes persisted.

I’ve contacted Docker support twice about this now (I have a paid account), but it’s been a week and they haven’t even acknowledged the email yet, much less responded.

Anyone know a) how to change settings for an automated build and b) how to get a hold of support?

I completely deleted the repository from Docker Hub and recreated, and managed to get the settings to persist.

My honest guess is that it was failing because it tries to save a new webhook at the same time, even though I’m not changing that part of the settings. The webhook changes will fail if the user communicating with GitHub doesn’t have admin rights to the repository. So - elevate that user long enough to persist the changes, and then bump the privileges back down.

Would be really great to get some kind of a failure message or clue when you click the save button and the persistence fails. Would also be good if we could change the build details without changing the webhook trigger (if that is what’s happening).