Since 4.4.4 update, DockerD wont connect to conatainers

Hi, since the 4.4.4 update, my DockerD is acting up. It throws an error when I try to start my containers. Now, I have to open DD, then in my Ubuntu shell, use “docker compose CONTAINER SCRIPTS” as, my “./” script no longer works (which uses “docker-compose”). Furthermore, I cannot change settings in the Desktop app, it keeps throwing an error: “It looks like there is an error with Docker Desktop, restart it to fix it”. And no matter how many times I restart, it keeps throwing that error. And I can’t change settings because the “apply & restart” button is perpetually greyed out.
I uninstalled DD, I rolled back to 4.4.3, and no change. So I went back to 4.4.4. And I tried turning my PC off and on again.

Windows 10 ultimate,
Docker version 20.10.12, build e91ed57
DD 4.4.4
diagnostic exe says its all good.


So another minor update (4.5.0), another a series of Docker problems. I’m 45 minutes “late” for work thanks to docker deciding to no longer work. Had to uninstall and reinstall just to get the desktop app to launch. But its telling me there’s a problem, and that I should “restart to fix it” which at this point just feels like I’m being trolled, because that solves nothing. Docker for windows is about the most inconsistent and unreliable piece of software I’ve ever encountered.